What is Crest?

The CREST educational precinct is located on 138 acres in Melbourne's south east. The precinct is made up of six distinct components: Hillcrest Christian College, Rivercrest Christian College,  Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre,  An Environmental Reserve, Corporate Services and Crest Institute.

Centres for research, education, service & transformation


Hillcrest Christian College an ELC to Year 12, Co-Educational College of over 1,300 students, following the Australian Curriculum. A broad specialist subject program is available to all students including a wide range of VCE subjects. (homepage)

Hillcrest CC


Rivercrest Christian College is currently an ELC to Year 5 Co-Educational College, following the International Baccalaureate program.
Rivercrest has a triune focus on Global, Environmental and IT education.  Classes opened in 2014 for ELC and Primary School, with the aim of continued growth to Year 12 by 2025.  (homepage)

Rivercrest CC


The Environmental Reserve includes 25 Acres of natural reserve, including waterways, 19,000 native trees and bird hides. 
There is a growing set of resources for Environmental Science studies for Primary and Secondary students.

Environmental Reserve


ayr hill equestrian centre

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