Three levels of leadership exist within CREST Education: Board, Cabinet and Executive.These three leadership groups are responsible respectively for governance; strategic leadership and daily operations.

e Crest Education Board provides the overall governance for the company. The Board is not involved in the daily operations, rather sets the long term goals (or ends) for the company to pursue. The Board consists of elected Full Members of the Company, co-opted professionals and church representatives.

The Board seeks to have a strong blend of expertise and experience to ensure that, not only, all fiduciary responsibilities are met, but also the overall health and future success of the company are protected and planned for. The Board operates through the CEO/Executive Principal.

CEO/ Executive Principal
The CEO/Executive Principal is responsible for the strategic leadership of the precinct. The CEO/Executive Principal works with the Board and Cabinet to develop the precinct-wide strategic plan, as well as the individual operational plans of the precinct sub-schools and centres. The CEO/Executive Principal is responsible for the development of strategies, alliances and networks to see the overall goals of the company realised.

The CEO/Executive Principal leads the Cabinet. The Cabinet is comprised of the Heads of each of the major precinct Schools and Centres: Head of College Rivercrest; Head of College - Hillcrest; Business Development Manager; and the CEO/Executive Principal.

The Heads of College and Business Development Manager take overall responsibility for the functioning of their respective Schools and Centres. Together they oversee the successful delivery of services and day-to-day operations.

Executive/Leadership Teams Each Cabinet member is supported by an Executive or leadership team. The largest Executive team is that of Hillcrest Christian College. Hillcrest's Executive team includes: Head of Junior School, Head of Middle School, Head of Senior School, Head of Learning and Teaching and Head of College.

The Business Development Manager and Executive Principal sit in on meetings to ensure consistency across the precinct's operations and to provide support and guidance where needed. Each of the other precinct Centres also have leadership teams which vary in size and authority depending on the scale of their operations.