Crest Education Logo

The CREST Education logo was designed and adopted in 2013, as part of the organisation's migration to a Company Ltd. Structure.

CREST is an Acronym for CENTRES of RESEARCH, EDUCATION, SERVICE and TRANSFORMATION. The concepts of Research, Education, Service and Transformation highlight the key aspects of the educational precinct and for student learning in general.

Service is a significant component, as it ties into the Christian heritage of the organisation. It is also our belief, that a thriving faith is characterised by service to others.

The CREST Education logo features a child, an adolescent and an adult. The three figures together represent the multiple entry points to education and the reality that learning and development occurs throughout one's life.

The final and largest figure is pictured with a mortar board, which represents formal qualifications. It is CREST's intention that all learning would lead to the development of formal qualifications, as well as, the skills and aptitudes requisite for living in the 21st Century.

At CREST, the opportunities for continuous learning and development are referred to as 'life stream education'.